What Svara Loves

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eIn case you don’t know Svara yet, let me introduce her by sharing some pictures that show some of her favorite activities.

Svara loves to look out this window in our bedroom. Sometimes she can see the neighbor girls playing, or hear birds singing or a car passing by. But even if there is nothing going on, she still loves to look around.

Svara is a little daredevil. She loves goofing around with Naren. Here they are doing one of her favorite tricks. He holds her upside down and then lowers her down onto her front or back. Over and over and over!

Here Svara is swinging with Naren in the park near our house. She loves swinging and also going down the slide. It only took her a few times to get the hang of balancing herself on the slide by herself. I was surprised. My baby is growing up so fast!

Svara loves to look at books and have us read them to her. Sometimes she wants the same book read over and over again. I’m glad she is developing a love for reading. Now if only she would stop trying to eat the books as well…

Whether it’s a real phone, a toy phone, or an object that doesn’t even remotely resemble a phone, Svara puts it to her ear as if she is talking on the phone. Here she is playing with a classic fisher price phone my mom sent before Svara was even born. Yay for classics! Svara also has a fisher price “handphone”, and an old handphone of mine. However, she of course prefers my phone or Naren’s phone. Every time she sees Naren’s phone she says “Teh-tee” (supposed to be Pah-tee) or “Ta-ta”. They refer to Naren’s mom and dad, who she talks to on the phone often.

Svara is such a loving child. She kisses all her stuffed animals, her baby doll, any toy really, and of course us. She also gives “big hugs” which is basically plopping herself down on us and laying her head sideways and saying “aaaahhhh”. Or putting a stuffed toy up to her cheek. Besides kisses and hugs, Svara LOVES to give zerberts!! (Hence the title of this blog). I’m pretty sure Naren and I get 50 zerberts a day from her. She’s starting to zerbert objects as well, including her high chair seat. Silly girl!

Svara is such a goof! She loves to give goofy grins, sneaky looks, throw herself sideways or backwards onto the bed or onto us. If we say “come” she’ll shake her head, wiggle her body, and go away. Ten seconds later she’ll usually turn around and come to you.

Talk about a water baby! Svara has loved her baths from day one. Which is good, because here in Malaysia she has two showers a day! She doesn’t mind the water going over her face. She prefers a bath to a shower, probably because she can splash. She also loves visiting the swimming pool and will give such a huge grin as we hold her and she “swims” around.

Svara is learning her body parts! She’ll point to one of our facial features and say “day?” until we say what it is. And then go on to another…. and another… and another… she also does this with her stuffed animals. In this picture I said “where’s your stinky foot?” and she is lifting it up for me to sniff. One of her favorite games.

Last but not least, at least for today, here is a picture of Svara trying to get in between the two couches in our living room. She loves to stick her head in there and reach for anything she can see (a runaway toy, phone charger cord, etc.). Usually it’s all out of her reach but once in awhile she pulls out a “prize”. We call Svara a little “busybody”, as she always has to be in on the action and know what’s going on everywhere. If she hears the phone ring she’ll lift her head and look around expectantly saying “hey!”. If Naren is showing me something, or vice versa, she has to crawl up to see what it is and of course grab it if she gets the chance. Babies are so curious about their world!

That’s it for today. That should be enough pictures for one post! haha! Makes up for the last month when I haven’t been posting on my babiesonline journal.


2 thoughts on “What Svara Loves

  1. I love how you have kept such a beautiful scrapbook of both of your girls lives! I need to get back onto my blog and writing. We have been outside so much this summer, I haven’t had much time for the computer. Your blog inspires me to record our memories better. šŸ™‚

  2. Wow, my first real post on the blog! Nice to look back at Svara’s baby pictures šŸ™‚ Hopefully one day my girls will be able to look back at this blog and enjoy ready about their childhood! I know yours will as well. You have been posting pretty often for having such a busy summer, all your beautiful photos tell the story šŸ™‚

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