Art and Cleaning

family, Svara

Svara seemed bored yesterday, so we decided to break out her box of fat crayons for the first time and give them a try. I excitedly brought out a large sheet of paper and chose two crayons. Naren took pictures while I tried to get Svara to make a mark on the paper. She tried, albeit halfheartedly, but she couldn’t hold the crayon upright and just ended up swiping the side of it along the paper. Here she is taking the crayon from me:

Our first art session ended less than 5 minutes after it began with Svara of course trying to eat the crayons. I think I’ll wait a couple months before trying again.

The other day I dumped out Svara’s toybox and she immediately caught sight of a pink sock. So what did she do? Clean the living room of course!


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