More Steps!

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Naren’s parents stopped by this afternoon on their way home and Svara took the opportunity to show off a bit! Since her birthday she’s been taking 1 or 2 steps at a time, several times a day. But today she blew us all away and actually walked 11 steps to walk towards Naren’s mom! Yay Svara! She then took some other walks too, not quite as long, always between her playhouse and Naren’s parents. Here she walked towards his dad to get this empty water bottle.

And here she was playing a “grab the shirt off the head” game while standing up:

Svara is a very loving child. She is generous with her kisses and hugs. Here she is giving Naren a “big hug”:

The other side to that coin is that often after she’s finished giving her hugs and kisses she grabs our hair or face, scratching and/or pulling and saying “ow!” with a serious face. When we say ow! and pull her away she makes the “ouch” sign. Sometimes I make her give me a kiss where she hurt me. We’re trying to break her of this lovely habit, hopefully it doesn’t last!

I only have six days of the school year left! It’s been a really challenging year in many ways. One of the things I’m most looking forward to is not pumping my breastmilk anymore. Even when I’m substitute teaching next year Svara will be old enough that I think I’ll just have her drink soymilk while I’m not around and nurse when I am. Because it was pretty easy this year to pump in my classroom during breaks, but if I’m substitute teaching it’ll be a LOT harder. ugh! I’m also looking forward to less stress overall. It’s hard enough work keeping the house clean, cooking good food, and caring for Svara (and yes, Naren helps a lot, obviously, as he is the one caring for Svara all day). When I come home from school exhausted it’s all we can do to fix supper, much less clean. I am actually really thankful for what we have and know we are sooooo much more well off than many others. But still, I look forward to being able to have a cleaner, more organized, house, being less tired, and also to start up some of my hobbies and other activities again which have been pushed to the wayside.

It is now past 9 o’clock and I should be getting to bed. Report cards are due tomorrow, yikes! Ah, my last report cards for awhile. What a nice thought 🙂


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