family, Svara

We took Svara to her first playgroup today.  There weren’t many other kids there (only 3) and she didn’t really interact with them much except to try to take away their toys once in awhile (first lessons in not taking from others), but she had a good time and wore herself out for a good nap.  I wanted to post the picture of her pushing around a stroller with a baby doll in it (the first toy she zoomed in on), but something happened to the memory stick and the file became corrupted.

You can see the stroller in the background of this picture.  She tried to play this xylophone, but couldn’t quite hit it right to make the noise.  Maybe we should get her one for the house so she can practice.

I had some other neat pictures that got corrupted too.  Some of them were of Svara sitting on the bed surrounded by all her books.   She’s really into her books lately.  In the mornings she usually plays with her toys on the bed while I get ready (and Naren is laying on the bed).  But lately she points to her pile of books instead.  She pages through them, saying and signing the different animals and other objects that she knows.  She doesn’t try to rip the ones with paper pages anymore.  Though the other day she did accidentally rip one off, and she leaned over the book to get a different one.  Oops!  I’ll try to get more pictures of her with her books to post later.

Only 3 1/2 days of school left!  I need to go into school this weekend to do some organizing.  But right now it is supper time and Naren and I need to sit down to watch a good movie!


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