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family, Svara

Here’s a picture I took to replace the one I lost last week, of Svara reading in the morning. Naren snoozes while I shower, and Svara amuses herself while pointing out pictures of animals and other objects that she knows.  Sometimes she even laughs to herself.  Too cute!

Svara is starting to make little jokes, like pretending things are hats that aren’t really hats.  Here she is putting her shape sorting toy on her head (over and over again of course)

This is a toy we bought her for Ayyam-i-Ha in February that keeps her busy every day!  She loves opening the door, going through, crawling around the living room and back through the door again, pressing the radio button on her way through.  Here she is doing something new.  She is putting the brush through the mailbox, picking it up on the other side and putting it back through again.  She did this a few times in a row before I had to pick her up because we were on our way out of the house.  I wonder how long she would have done that for.

She’s also wearing a new outfit.  Most of her clothes end up being pink, but I found this red outfit on sale and of course had to buy it as my favorite color is red!

Svara’s hair is getting so curly in the back.  I love the little curls.  So far her hair is still golden brown.  I wonder if it will stay that color or if it will get darker.  Only time will tell I guess!


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