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We’ve got a little copycat on our hands!

Every night after her bath I put some ointment on the inside of Svara’s elbows, as she’s got a little bit of eczema there. Today she had an empty tub of ointment and wanted me to open it.  I opened it for her.  She stuck her little hand inside, rubbed around a bit, and then proceeded to “put” ointment on the inside of her elbow.  LOL – it cracked me up.  Little monkey.

She has really taken off walking this past week.  She is now walking back and forth in our living room. She falls down quite a bit, or stands in one place waving forward and back trying to get her balance, but she’s quickly getting the hang of it. She’ll even bend down, pick something up, and stand up again. Here she is taking a pit stop to get a drink.  Notice how she doesn’t bother picking up her water bottle, she just bends down for a drink and then goes on her way.  haha!

So, school is out!  Svara came by and “helped” me the last couple days.  Here she is enjoying her very first juice box. I love how excited she looks in this picture.

This was the last day in my classroom.  It is strange to think that won’t be my classroom anymore.  It wasn’t hard to say goodbye, though, especially since I’ll be returning as a substitute teacher next school year.  Not like the other teachers who are leaving.  Most of them will be moving away.  I’m sure I would have been sad, even shed a few tears, if I had been going away.  But I’m looking forward to subbing next year.  Especially in the upper grades as I’ll get to see some of my old students.  And I’ll be able to stay in touch with the school without all the responsibilities and stress that I had this year.  It’s a shame to lose the health insurance benefits, though!

One of the ways we keep Svara occupied in the car is with books.  Here she is enjoying one.  We took a video clip, too, as she was really blabbing away “reading” the book and making the animal noises.

Here’s a funny picture.  Naren taught Svara to make the “oo oo” noise of a monkey.  Here she is making the noise and showing the monkey.  I have to laugh every time she makes this face.

Since I’m not working now we’re slowly working on having Svara go to bed a little later (to wake up later in the morning).  We are now putting her to bed at 7 instead of 6:30.  So far not much of a change in the time she wakes up, but hopefully soon!  She’s still waking up a lot at night to nurse.  But I can see some very gradual changes.  It’s not uncommon now for her to go 4-6 hours in the first stretch after going to bed.  I try to let her have as much food during the day as she wants to help fill her up.  It’s still a huge struggle to get her to eat any veggies, though.  I have to admit I don’t offer them as much as I should, simply because she hardly eats them.  But I will have to start offering so she gets used to having them there.  She’s eating more of our regular food, so that helps a little bit.  She doesn’t like a whole lot of it, but at least it’s a bit  more of a variety.  Carbohydrates are still her all time favorite, whether it’s bread, pasta, or cold cereal (hot cereal is a definite no go).  Luckily all the carbs she eats are whole grain, so I don’t mind too much.

Now that I’m home full time I have to start thinking about organizing the household better.  Meaning basically getting the cleaning done on a schedule, planning meals, etc.  I’m also starting to do pilates again, something I haven’t done since getting pregnant.  I’m going to try for four mornings a week and see how it goes.  I can’t find my yoga mat, though, so currently I’m using a folded bedspread until it materializes.  Another project we need to do is spring cleaning – going through our belongings and getting rid of some stuff.  I have to make a change in some of my cooking this month, as my oven broke this week!  The timer broke, and our oven (as most ovens here in Malaysia) doesn’t turn on unless the timer is turned on.  So it won’t work.  And it can’t be fixed.  Yippee 😛  I had many plans for the oven this month, but they’ll have to wait.  I’m curious to see, however, whether not having an oven for a month reduces our electricity bill a distinguishable amount.


One thought on “Copycat

  1. HaHaHa! The monkey sound picture made me laugh out loud! It’s great! Hahahaha! I love you guys! I like how a little girl on the other side of the world made me laugh today!

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