Water Baby

family, Svara

Svara is our little water baby.  She has always loved her showers, baths, and the swimming pool.  Here’s the most recent pics of her in the swimming pool at our community club.  This is her “I’m so excited I’m swimming” face:

And here she is walking in the kiddie pool with her two friends:

She loves to be on her tummy in the pool, paddling her arms and legs.  But she does not like being on her back at all.  I’d like her to eventually learn how to float, but not sure how to get her comfortable being on her back in the water.  Any suggestions?


One thought on “Water Baby

  1. Hi honey,

    Yes it’s been awhile My life is not my own currently:-)

    Getting svara to float on her back.
    you need to be in water up to your waist. So kneeling in a shallow pool or standing in a deeper pool.
    put her on her back on your arms and lower her into the water supporting her Over time as she gets relaxed and confident you are not going to let or go\sink, slowly lower your arms and she will float or she will sink with your arms, in which case you stop. But keep on doing it so she’s confident with the process
    eventually she will float
    this is a common swimming instructors first method for teaching non swimmers to float


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