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Svara had her first popsicle today. I was mixing up some base for strawberry “icecream” and gave her a taste. It took quite a few tries to get her to even open her mouth, but once she did she didn’t want to stop! I gave her the spatula. She gave it back to me wanting more! So I had to dip the spatula into the mix and give it to her a few times. So I decided to make her a few popsicles out of the mix. Here she is eating her first one:

In case you’re curious, here’s what the popsicles were made of:

coconut milk, frozen strawberries, soymilk, silken tofu, dates (for sweetness), raw sugar, vanilla. Oh, and a couple pieces of the beet I cooked yesterday. Gave it an extra bright pink color!

Since she enjoyed the popsicle so much I’m thinking of making a banana/coconut/date one next (no added sugar). I wonder if it would work to blend up some spinach with the mix as well.. works for smoothies, but I don’t know about freezing it. Hey, you can’t blame a mom for trying to get nutrients in everything! haha!   Ooh, I just remembered I have 3 ripe kiwis in the fridge.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll make kiwi strawberry!

Just for the heck of it here’s another pic. of Svara from today. It’s hard to get pics of her smiling these days, as she moves so quickly! Here she was grinning because she found a CD on the side table. She’s just about to reach and get it (between the couches).


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