A Tribute

family, Svara

Today’s Post is “written” by Svara:

Happy Father’s Day Papa!  I love you!  And I know you love me because you hug me and kiss me and tickle me.  I love it when you come home and I can see you through the window.  I love going out to breakfast with just you.  I love it when you carry me on your shoulders.

Here are some pictures of me and you!

I don’t remember this day very well (I was still inside Mama’s tummy, so I could only hear you) but I heard you making sure that the sign for my door was painted just right.  By the way, is that going to go up on my door any time soon?

I was still very new in the world, but I felt safe and warm in your arms.  I recognized your voice!

Remember the times when I was only happy looking over your shoulder?

It was the best place to fall asleep too!

I knew I was safe cuddled next to you

Whee!  How many babies can say their Papas bathed them like this?

You used to call me “simpson baby” but I think I look pretty cute!

This was another one of my favorite places to sleep!  Your chest was just so nice and warm and I liked hearing your heartbeat too.

I’m not sure why I did this, but it was funny!

You’re always fun to talk to!

Mama had to go to work, but you were always there to give me my milk and take good care of me

Swimming was pretty fun, thanks to you getting me used to the water by showering me every day!

Papa’s thumb is better than a teething ring any day!

We are hat buddies! You picked out this hat for me.

I love it when you read me my bedtime stories every night! Remember how I used to flap my arms and legs when I was excited about the rooster sound?

The best place for a baby bee to perch.  You look cool in a bandana, Papa.  You bought me one, too, remember?

I’m like you, Papa, I like nice cool places like when we visited Genting Highlands.  Can we go there again?

You always tickle me and make me laugh…

… and I always try to steal your phone!

Whee!  I don’t really need a playground when I’ve got you!

You like to carry me like a sack of potatoes.  I don’t know if I like this…

… just kidding!  It’s great fun!

I wouldn’t be able to see the animals at the zoo very well if I didn’t have your shoulders to sit on!

I like to try to run away from you… even though I never get very far!

And you like to hold me upside down and flip me.  I love this trick!

Don’t we look good together?

You’re my favorite person to hang around with.  You take me to the playground after taking me out to breakfast.  Just me and you!

I love you, Papa!!!!


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