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Svara is 14 months old.  Watching her grow and learn new things is like watching one of those nature videos of a flower growing from a seed – in fast motion!  She learns something every time I turn around.  Sometimes my heart swells with pride at her accomplishments (not that I had anything to do with them, but I am her mom and that’s enough  haha).  And sometimes I think “Where did my baby go??”

Svara is walking all over the place now.  Even if she’s crawling somewhere she’ll usually stand up halfway there and walk the rest of the way.  She can turn around while walking, but cannot step over things yet.  So she still trips and falls down a lot.  Sometimes she takes it like a champ, but if she’s tired, hungry, or otherwise cranky you can expect some wailing!

We used to be able to “contain” Svara to playing either on the bed in our room or on the living room floor.  But since she’s crawling and climbing now (she can climb down from the bed all by herself and noone showed her how!) she needs more space.  So we had to make the kitchen a friendlier place for her.  I rearranged my cupboards and we put childproof clips on all except this one which is filled with tupperware, containers, and some metal bowls.  She usually doesn’t spend too much time going through it yet, just takes a few things out and tosses them around.

Not only is Svara getting around easier these days, she’s turning into a little lady.  I guess it’s my fault.  When I comb her hair or put a purse on her shoulder I say “oooh, pretty”.  Now she does the same.  She likes having this purse on her shoulder as you can see.  But she does not like it when it falls off!

As you can see from all the photos, Svara usually goes around the house with only a diaper on.  It’s hot here 😛  But we keep a couple t-shirts downstairs in the living room for when we go out for walks, for a quick run to the store, etc.  Yesterday she wanted one put on.  I didn’t want her to get hot, so I just put it over her head but didn’t put her arms through.  She still thought it was pretty and went around shaking her body and saying “oooh”.  LOL!  Today she wanted a shirt on again and she got really mad when I went to take it off.  What have I done?

Here is Svara riding her rocking moose.  She’s very slowly warming up to this toy.  I guess she’s not quite sure about the rocking.  But I’m sure in no time she’ll be rocking so hard I’ll be sitting by hoping it doesn’t fall over!

Since I am home now, Naren is able to go out for work.  Svara has taken to the change well, though she is a bit clingy to me right now.  But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her Papa!  As soon as I see he is coming in the gate (and sometimes she notices before I do) she runs (okay, toddles or crawls) to the window saying “Papa!  Papa! Papa!” Here you can see her tapping on the window to get his attention as he’s unlocking the door.  She loves it when he comes home!

And here she is “helping”  Naren water the plants in front of our house.  She had a great time getting wet!

And lastly here she is sporting a goofy grin after I cleaned her up. She had been eating another popsicle and had gotten it ALL over herself, including her hair.  I wiped it the best I could, but she sure was in need of a shower that evening!

Speaking of popsicles, she’s been eating about a popsicle a day and I’ve found even more veggies to sneak into them!  I found that coconut milk/soymilk/banana is my usual base and then I add avacado if I have it, beets (beautiful color!) and even carrots!  If not sweet enough I pop in a date or two and that’s it!  You’d seriously never know there were veggies in these great popsicles.  I hope she doesn’t get too tired of popsicles…


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