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About a month ago we noticed something on the inside of Svara’s left elbow.  It looked like the skin had been rubbed raw, but it wasn’t red.  I put ointment on it and slowly it healed.  But then she started scratching the insides of both elbows.  Then she started scratching the back of her neck more (she used to get heat rash there and would still have a bit occasionally).  Now, I have had eczema since I was a kid, but this didn’t look like eczema so I crossed my fingers.  But at her checkup last week the doctor said it was indeed eczema.  And prescribed a cortisone cream.  I never used cortisone cream and I’m not about to use it for Svara!  But I’m sad that she has eczema.  I’m completely cutting dairy out of my diet to see if that helps (she doesn’t eat any, but I eat some now and then and she is still breastfeeding).  Also I won’t give her anything too acidic since I think it has been aggravated by the kiwi I gave her last week (it aggravated me as well).  She has the rash all around her neck now, poor thing.  And I know she gets uncomfortable and itchy.  I hope the change in diet will make it go away.  And I hope she never has it as badly as I did when I was a kid!


2 thoughts on “Sigh…

  1. Well, it basically suppresses the eczema. But the eczema is the body’s way of getting rid of what it considers toxins. So if the eczema is simply suppressed, the body will have to find another way of getting rid of the toxins. And the long term side effects of cortisone cream aren’t good from what I’ve read. I try too do things as naturally as possible.

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