Fun Fun Fun!

family, food, Svara

Svara has been having a lot of fun lately!

Naren set up this swing in our stairwell. We bought it a couple months ago but couldn’t figure out the best way to attach the hooks to the ceiling, but Naren brilliantly thought of hooking it onto the banister! Seems strong and safe, but don’t worry, we won’t walk away while she’s sitting there!

She’s being really silly these days too. The other day I put this pair of shorts over her face to see what she’d do. She started walking around with them on her face and laughing! What a goof! They are pretty thin, so I guess she could see well enough through them. It was hilarious to watch, though 🙂

And here she is with a shirt that she demanded to wear. If she finds a shirt she hands it to me saying “unh unh”. When I take it from her she lowers her head so I can put it on. She doesn’t care whether or not she has her arms through the sleeves, though. Silly girl! And you’ll see she’s got the house keys. She’ll walk around carrying those for quite a while, very happily!

Since stopping dairy products Svara’s rash seems to be lessening. It’s still there, but is not as red. Hopefully it’ll continue to go down. We ate dinner at a friend’s house last night and she had made an awesome chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, but I had to sadly pass. She sent some home for Naren and he’s been enjoying it. But I couldn’t just be left out of the party, so I had to make myself some chocolate icedream (coconut and soymilk based). yum!! Honestly I don’t miss dairy products when I don’t eat them, but I do like to be able to have other options!


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