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Here is Svara playing peekaboo in her highchair the other night. It is one of her current favorite games:

Speaking of high chair, Svara is not making it too easy to eat recently!  She’s been wanting to nurse a lot, and would rather nurse even if I offer her food.  She will get really hungry and then she’s tired and hungry and too cranky to eat!  But we have found a few tricks that help.  She likes it when both Naren and I sit down and eat along with her.  Then she’ll usually eat more.  Once she starts eating she’ll usually eat okay.  It’s the starting that’s sometimes tricky!  She can put up quite a fight when I try to put her in her highchair sometimes!  Something has to be on her tray that she wants for her to sit in it.  She is eating more of what we eat now, though vegetables are still tricky. I’m still making popsicles for her.  I made mango spinach ones yesterday, and sweet potato/banana/coconut ones before that.

Svara has this habit of throwing food on the floor.  It’s usually when she’s nearing full, but sometimes she still wants to eat, yet she throws the food on the floor.  I’m trying to get her to stop this habit, but it is NOT easy.  I used to try not to react, thinking she’ll grow out of it.  She didn’t, so now I tell her no throwing food and I take away the rest of the food and clean her up.  Sometimes she’ll deliberately look at me and throw the food off the tray.  Stinker!

She’s getting more interested in playing games now.  She likes Naren or I to chase her and then she’ll chase us back.  Today after chasing her I went over to the couch and plopped my hands on it.  She copied.  So I went to the other couch and plopped my hands down and she followed and copied.  So I did this a couple times and then she took the lead and went to the beanbag chairs and plopped herself down:

She then wanted me to follow suit and we went back and forth between the two beanbags like that.  She thought it was great fun!  Here’s my favorite shot:

Another one of her favorite activities is to find an object she likes and walk around with it for awhile.  Kitchen items are a favorite right now.  She’s digging deeper into that tupperware cupboard every day!

Svara is growing sooooo fast!  The new tricks, communications, and games she shows us every day really astound me.  She’s going through so many changes!!


One thought on “Peekaboo!

  1. Your little girl is adorable! Thanks for your suggestion on my blog about blending beets into my popsicle mix. Yes, I use coconut milk sometimes. A great trick!

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