Funny Faces and a Wedding

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Svara is such a goof. She loves making a funny face to make us laugh. Sometimes she wants us to make the face too and then she laughs. Here are a few faces I caught on camera:

This is the face she makes when she falls down or bumps herself (but doesn’t really hurt herself). I guess because when she falls down I say “oh!” She also makes this face when she’s singing along to her favorite CD “Hello World” by Red Grammar. There is one song where it says “whooaawhooaawhooaa” or something like that and she sings along. haha. Oh, and she also makes this face when she sees something she wants. “ooooh!” she says and lights up and points to it.

This is the face she makes that she always wants us to copy and then she laughs. Hard to get a picture!

I don’t know where the heck this face came from, but I thought it was hilarious and I happened to catch it on camera!

Svara’s first coconut!  Actually it was mine, but she shared.  She took a few drinks from it, but mostly she was interested in the straw, as you can see!

Svara is really loving her swing!  She’ll ask to swing (with a baby sign) and then as soon as she sits she asks for “Bah Bah” (which is her word for putting music on).  Then she’ll sit and swing anywhere from 5-30  minutes.  Sometimes she even has a snack while she’s gently swinging.

Yesterday we went to the wedding of a close friend.  It was an outdoor wedding at a  hotel and the setting was gorgeous.  Svara really enjoyed herself.  Since it was an evening wedding we had her take two naps, one right before left, so she’d have enough energy to last (since her usual bedtime is 7pm).  Here are a few pictures of her running around:

Svara really enjoyed this little stone “step”. She had to go up and down and up and down innumerable times.  And we had to hold her hand to keep her from falling down on it.  Didn’t want her to scrape her knees!

This is our attempt of getting a nice picture of Svara and myself.  She wouldn’t sit still!  At least we are both smiling!

She went through two bottles of water while we were here (8 oz. each).  And she finished eating the bread and snacks I brought for her.  There was not a whole lot of vegetarian food for supper, but there was some nice salad.  I’m fine with salad, but Svara usually won’t touch it.  But I guess she was hungry because I sat her on my lap and she ate salad with me!  Lettuce, carrots, apples, and tofu.  wow!  That was a first!  It was nice they had the carrots cut really thin and like lattice so she could eat them.

Speaking of carrots, yesterday for lunch she ate a ton of carrots from a stew that I made.  She ate almost all of the carrots from both of our bowls.  egads!  I guess she liked the taste of the stew on the carrots, because normally she won’t touch them.  I think she also liked that they were coming from our bowls.  It’s a lot easier to get her to eat when we are all sitting down together at the table.

Back to the wedding.  We got home at about 9:15 that night.  By the time she got into bed it was 10pm.  Three hours late for her!  I was so sure she’d sleep in at least an hour or two this morning.  But no!  Bright and cheery eyed at 7:20 thank you!!  sigh…  So I’m going to try for two naps today.  We’ll see how lucky I am.


3 thoughts on “Funny Faces and a Wedding

  1. Oh yeah, she loves getting dressed, and it seemed as if she knew she was wearing something extra special as she kept grinning and admiring her dress after we put it on! Her favorite part of the outfit is the shoes though! Because once the shoes go on she knows she can get down and walk!!

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