It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s super baby!

family, food, Svara

Svara loves the games Naren plays with her. He chases her, tickles her, turns her upside down, and throws her around. Here are some great action shots from today of one of her favorites – the beanbag toss!

She gets up from the beanbag smiling from ear to ear.

Speaking of ear… we had corn on the cob tonight. I am sooo looking forward to having fresh corn on the cob out of my parent’s garden in the fall (please let the late corn still be good at the time!). I’ve been thinking about it a lot, so I had to buy a couple ears of corn from the grocery store yesterday. I boiled them today, put on some margarine and salt, and truly enjoyed them! One was quite good, the other too ripe, but ah well. And surprise of all surprises, Svara ate almost half a cob of corn! (which I cut off the cob and gave to her). Hm… yesterday carrots and salad, today corn. Are we off the “no veggie” wagon? Crossing my fingers! She has never had corn before, it was fun to see her enjoy it. Here she is examining the cob before dinner:


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