food, Svara

First, here is a picture of Svara cooking up her first pot of…. cinnamon sticks!  yum!

She’s a chef in the making, can’t you tell?  I had some work to do in the kitchen and she was getting bored.  She enjoys playing with bags of spices, but she had had enough. So I figured this would be a safe one to open and for her to play with.  She tasted them a few times and then took them all out of the pan before starting to put them back in and “stir”.

Here is Svara eating salad for dinner tonight!

True, she spent most of the time sifting through it and picking out the noodles to eat.  But she did let me feed her the beans and veggies also.  I’m glad she’s finally eating vegetables!  For the salad I grated up cabbage, carrots and beets and tossed them with some cooked adzuki beans and macaroni.  I used italian dressing.  It was the first time I had used raw beets.  I’ll do it more often.  You get more nutrients from raw vegetables vs. cooked.  And I couldn’t really taste them in the salad at all.  I used the leftover raw beets and blended them up to use in popsicles later.

It has been a rough couple of days.  Naren is out of town (coming back tomorrow.  whew!) and Svara has been teething.  I think her top molars are coming in.  It’s hard to see in her mouth, though.  She’s been eating popsicles, chewing on teething rings, and sucking icecubes.  Yesterday she was super cranky.  Every tiny thing that went wrong sent her into a gale of tears.  She went to bed okay, though she woke up a lot to eat.  Then she woke again at 2:45am.  She didn’t go back to sleep until after 5am!!!  Boy was that rough.  I was sooo tired.  But she kept wanting to nurse.  Once she fell asleep in my arms on the chair, but as soon as I moved she woke up.  I tried laying down with her in bed, but she wouldn’t sleep there.  I sat up in bed and nursed her for what felt like the 50th time in an hour and she fell asleep again.  But as soon as I moved she awoke.  I put her in her crib so many times and each time she lasted less than 5 minutes before she was out again.  I tried letting her cry for a bit, but that didn’t work either.  I guess finally her tiredness overcame her and she -finally- fell asleep.  Boy was I relieved!  I thought for sure she’d sleep late in the morning, but she was up at 8.  It was hard to keep awake until her nap time (for me that is  haha).  Plus today I happen to have gotten a cold and my nose has been a faucet all day long.  argh!  What timing!  At least her mood was better today, probably thanks to all the teething tablets I gave her last night.  I gave them to her a few times today as well and one right before bed.  She went to bed at 7, fell asleep at 8, and it’s now almost 10:30.  She’ll probably wake up soon to nurse.

Svara has asked a lot for her Papa these past couple of days.  Today she kept going to the window and calling him, expecting him to be coming home any minute.  And last night every time she woke up she’d look around and call him, seeing if he was in the bed.  Unfortunately she probably won’t see him before she goes to bed tomorrow, but I’m sure he’ll go in and give her a hug when she wakes up to nurse.  She’ll be so happy to see him!

I’m going to go have a hot cup of tea and then go to bed.  Hopefully my sneezing and runny nose will settle down for the night!


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