Come in, please!

family, food, Svara

I hope Svara’s teeth come in soon!  She has hardly eaten anything for three days now, which makes for some long nights of nursing!!  Last night for supper she had two popsicles and a few bites of rice, which was more than she had eaten all day.  Poor girl, her gums must be sore.  I’m so glad I’m still breastfeeding her, so even if she doesn’t eat much food I still don’t really have to worry about her getting the nutrients she needs.

Here is a picture of her yesterday evening after eating her watermelon popsicle (that’s the drips on her shirt).  She took the napkin from me and was walking around pretending to blow her nose and wipe her face.

She really likes to copy things we do.  If she sees us combing our hair she wants to comb hers too, things like that.

We had to buy her new shoes already.  She’s wearing sizze 3 now!  Her size 2 shoes can still fit, but they are tough to get on.  She loves wearing shoes.  Sometimes she’ll make the “where” sign and say shoes when she’s looking around for her shoes.  She says “shuhzuh” or something close to that for shoe.

Here she is walking around the house in her shoes and eating a piece of bread.  This afternoon I had given up getting her to eat anything for lunch or supper.  The bread finished cooking and I cut a piece and tried to get her to eat it, but no.  So I put it in a bowl on the couch and she went over, tore off half of it and walked around the house eating it.  Go figure…

I got a new oven yesterday!!!  I’m so excited, I”ve been without an oven for more than a month now.  Luckily I have a breadmaker, so I’ve been using that a lot, but I’m looking forward to some rolls, muffins, cake, etc.  And it’s a bit bigger than my old one, so it’s big enough to fit a small round pizza pan in.  yay!  Now I just have to go buy one…  And a cookie sheet!

Naren came home on Wednesday night after Svara was already in bed.  So when she woke up to nurse he went and picked her up to hold her.  Unfortunately she wasn’t in the mood to greet him as she was half asleep and just wanted to nurse.  But she was happy to see him when she woke up in the morning.


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