Baby Signs

family, Svara

I am so thankful every hour of every day that I found out about baby signs before Svara was born and that we took the time to teach her to sign. It saves a lot of heartache, confusion, and tears because Svara is able to communicate her needs to us. And she’s also learned that communication is fun. She not only signs a lot, but she says a lot of words as well. I’m sure that her learning about communication through baby signs has encouraged her to speak as well.

Here are some of the signs that she does:

pain/owie, more, enough, finished, swing, take off glasses, hat, sit down, help, eat, nurse, dog, cat, bird, keys, cry/sad, baby, water, snack, open, where?, poo (tap diaper), flower, phone, carry me, duck, shower, fan, light, cold, teething ring, apple, Pat (her stuffed animal she sleeps with), up, hi, goodbye, hi five, shake hands, flying kiss, pacifier, whistle, spin, fish

One of Svara’s more annoying habits is her grabbing my glasses. It drives me nuts! So I taught her a sign to make when she wants me to take off my glasses. Within a week her grabbing at my glasses has been reduced about 75%. yay! she likes to make the sign and then when my glasses are off she comes in for a nose rub. haha!

Here are some of the words Svara says (of course she says them with her own little quirks of speaking, not all exactly correctly 🙂 :

Mama, Papa, baby, tahnee (Tamil word for water), puff (for cookie/snack), upstairs, big sister (in Chinese and Tamil), grandma (in Chinese and Tamil), grandpa (in Tamil), nurse (maymay), what’s that (day or nah), shoe, ball, cat, bird, dog, poo, open, hi, duck, light, noodle, popsicle, teddy, Pat, Pooh Bear, music (bah bah), up, animal sounds, fall down (in Malay), spin, Ta-Da!, color

I’d like to remember all the words Svara can sign/speak at this age of 15 months old, so I’m going to post this now, but will edit it tomorrow when I can think of more. Right now I need to get to bed!


Well, I’ve edited this a few times now, and I think I have most of her signs and words.  I’m sure I’m still missing a few, though, it’s so hard to remember them all!  She’s quite a communicative girl!


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