Phase Variance

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Anyone who watches Star Trek knows where I got the title of this post from. But I’m not talking about Star Trek. I’m talking about my little girl. It’s funny how often she goes in and out of phases. Like how she enjoys listening to books being read. Sometimes she’ll want you to read one book over and over again. Sometimes she’ll sit and listen to you finish a book, hand you another one, and listen to that one. Then she gets into these phases where she hands you a book, you read one page (2 or 3 if you’re lucky) and then she hands you a different book. Silly girl.

Here is a picture of my brand new oven:

And here is the first thing I baked in it:

brownies!! I haven’t baked brownies for more than 4 years. The last time I tried was soon after I got married. They did not turn out (I didn’t have an oven thermometer at the time, I think that was the problem) and I never tried again. And being a teacher I don’t have to bother baking decadent treats as you get them for birthdays, potluck teas, etc. But I felt like a nice treat to break in the new oven, so I decided on brownies. These are vegan brownies, but none the less rich and chocolately and fudgy! And I still used whole wheat flour and unrefined sugar for them, so they are a tiny bit healthy I guess haha! But not for Svara!

The next day I baked some tasty cinnamon rolls. Within two hours three adults and one baby had polished off the 9 smallish sized cinnamon rolls I had made. They really are best right out of the oven!

Svara’s appetite seems to be on the rise, so that’s good. She hadn’t eaten a banana for awhile, she used to eat one every day. Lately I’ve been using the bananas for popsicles since she really wasn’t eating them when I offered. But tonight Naren mentioned it and so we tried and she ate the whole thing! Whew! Maybe it’ll help her sleep longer today. Hey, actually, it’s been 2 1/2 hours almost and she’s still asleep.

And because this is supposed to be a blog about Svara, not my cooking attempts, here she is eating spaghetti noodles for the first time (angel hair):

Oh dear, I spoke too soon, she just woke up!



2 thoughts on “Phase Variance

  1. I’m glad you showed a picture of the “oven” – it’s more like a toaster oven or a microwave than the oven/range type thing I was picturing!

    I’m glad you got brownies & cinnamon rolls – yummy 🙂

  2. Yeah, this is the general kind of oven you can buy in Malaysia! It’s called a countertop oven. Works like a regular oven, but it is smaller of course.

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