I love you!

family, Svara

Today Svara started saying “I love you”!  It’s soooo cute the way she says it.

She’s also starting to communicate in two word sentences.  She’ll make the “where” sign and then say “shoes?” or she’ll make the “where?” sign and then the “cat” sign when she’s looking for her toy cat.  Our good little communicator!

Svara is alternately loving and violent and sometimes it can be quite aggravating.  She loves to ask me to take off my glasses and then give me a nose rub, or just put our foreheads together and smile.  But then sometimes she’ll just all of a sudden give me a whack across the face.  ow!  And she knows it hurts, she’ll make the “owy” sign.  But if I don’t move out of the danger zone she’ll continue the assault.  Funny she doesn’t do the same to Naren.  But we were playing with her baby doll today and she was also alternating being loving and whacking the doll as well.  I hope this doesn’t continue!!


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