Every Day

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Every day Svara does something new to make me laugh or amaze me.  Sometimes she suddenly does something that I’ve been showing her for awhile but she couldn’t do on her own.  Yesterday, for example, she started putting the ball into the chute on her fisher price Learning Home all by herself.  And she also fit the star shape into its correct hole all by herself.

She has also been laughing a lot more recently.  Which is ironic since she’s also been crying and whining a lot more recently due to teething.  But her laughing is so funny.  Sometimes she’ll laugh as hard as she can on purpose.

She is also learning more words every day.  She can follow commands quite well and tries to copy new things we say each day.

Because she is so active we try to take her out as much as possible.  We don’t like to take her out before 5pm because it’s so hot outside, and she gets ready for bed at 6:30pm, so that doesn’t leave much time.  But we have one park that is our current favorite.  The equipment is too big for her, but there is a lot of space and the grass is nice for running around.  Here she is walking around with Naren.  Notice she’s getting a bit too big for her pants! haha

Her favorite activity is the slide.  It is a tall slide so we just pick her up and put her partway up and let her slide down.  She also likes to try to climb up!

Svara has been extra clingy lately.  Partly due to teething I think.  But I also read in a book by Dr. Sears that 14-18 months is a time when babies are clingy and still need a LOT of attention.  From 18 months they start playing on their own more.  I hope this turns out to be true!  The other day I was trying to get some cooking done and she refused to play with Naren.  She just kept clinging to my legs and crying.  But bread dough sometimes cannot wait, and I had to finish, so this was the result:

Here Svara is cuddling up with Naren on the rocking chair after he came home from a meeting one day.  She is so ecstatic when he comes home.  If she hears the gate creak or the key in the door her face lights up and she shouts “Papa!”

And here is a rare picture of Svara and myself:

This weekend is our 5th wedding anniversary.   We will be going out to eat on Saturday and on Sunday we will be going to a beach resort to spend the night.  I can’t wait to have fun with Svara on the beach!  For the occasion I have made some homemade chocolates for Naren and myself with different flavored fillings.  I don’t really eat much sugar anymore so I find them to be a bit too sweet, but it’s a special occasion so I decided to be unhealthy.  I’ll update next week with pictures from the beach!


One thought on “Every Day

  1. Such sweet pics! Little Elvis has gotten clingy with me, too. His tends to be more when he’s hungry/tired. I hope you guys have fun on your anniversary weekend!

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