The Inevitable

family, Svara

Svara fell off the bed last night 😦

She recently started standing up on the bed and walking toward the edge.  We’re always there to catch her at the edge before she steps off.

When we were getting her ready for bed last night I left her sitting on the bed for a moment while I went to quickly rinse off my hands.  I do this sometimes.  I won’t again!  Normally she crawls backwards to the edge of the bed and climbs off.

As I turned back from the bathroom I saw her standing up and walking towards the edge.  I didn’t get there in time and she dove off the side of the bed, her forehead hitting the floor before the rest of her body.  I thought she’d strain her neck the way she fell.

My poor baby.

Naren held her for awhile, then I gave her arnica and held her, and nursed her, and she calmed down and was fine.  She’s got a little bruise on her forehead, but not too bad.

I’m really thankful that it wasn’t any worse than it was.


2 thoughts on “The Inevitable

  1. I think Isabela fell off the bed once once or twice, but by the time Diego came around, I was so distracted with two kids that he fell off at least 10 times!

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