To the Beach!

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So we had our 5th anniversary beach vacation this past weekend.  Our goals were to get away from the city and also for Svara to experience the beach for the first time.  I think we did well on both counts.

We got to the hotel on Sunday afternoon and first things first, Svara had to investigate the room.  She quickly zoomed in on the phone!  We had to unplug it before she accidentally called reception!

And here she is checking out the view!

Next we went right to the beach.  Naren was carrying Svara and I was carrying the gear.  But as you can see I ended up with the gear AND Svara while Naren tried to take a picture.  Svara went -straight- for the water:

Unfortunately, as soon as she felt the waves going over her feet she lost her courage and started asking to nurse and wanting to be picked up.  We took turns walking around the beach with her.  She looks so nice and peaceful walking with Naren on the beach.  But if you could go up close and hear her she is lightly whining and asking to be picked up and wanting “may may”.  But let’s just pretend she’s enjoying herself.

Finally she realizes it’s fun to play in the sand!

We had to watch her really closely, though, as she kept trying to put sand in her mouth.  Of course she did manage to get some in there, but not too much.  I don’t know how she could stand it, I hate having one grain of sand in my mouth! bleh 😛

Naren was building little hills for her to knock down.  She thought this was great fun!

And she was totally unphased by being half buried in the sand.

Day one was ending and she had to have a good bath to clean out all that sand!  Here she is totally enjoying her first time in a full size bathtub!

I couldn’t get her to put down that bucket long enough to get a picture of her face.  Funny what they find the most interesting.

Day two, we headed out to the beach after breakfast.  It had rained all morning, so it was nice and cool.  This time she was more confident about walking in the sand.

And she finally realized the waves aren’t all that bad!

Whee!!!  I love how her arms are spread wide open here.

Naren picked her up and brought her behind the waves (that’s not very far in, this is a sea, not an ocean) and she realized it’s a blast to kick and splash in the water just like the pool.  After this we couldn’t keep her away!  If we carried her up and put her on the beach she’d turn right around and run for the waves, not worrying whether we were there or not.

I can’t wait to take her to the beach again!


2 thoughts on “To the Beach!

  1. I just had to laugh about how happy you were that it rained to cool things down! We’re the complete opposite here – bummed if it rains and cools things down – we have so little hot weather.

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