A Playmate

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My posts are out of order.  These pics are actually taken a few days before our beach vacation.  Naren’s sister and family are in town for a month and we visited them a few days after they arrived, in their new condo.  Naren’s sister has two kids – Aneesh is just about a year older than Svara and she also has a baby girl.  This was the first time Svara really interacted and played with another kid.  The one time we went to a playgroup she pretty much ignored the other kids there.  So it was fun to see them chasing eachother around.

Here he is chasing her trying to give her a kiss.  Every time he got close enough she took off again!

Here Aneesh is giving Svara his stuffed dog.  So sweet!  She seemed to prefer the ball, though!

Here Svara is chasing after Aneesh, since he has the ball.  She was laughing and thought it was great fun!

Aneesh giving the ball to Svara

And he finally cornered her on the stairs for that kiss!


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