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Sometimes I really wonder where the time went between babyhood and toddlerhood.  It was such a seamless transition that you really can’t tell.  When I look at my little girl putting on the dance moves and making faces just to make me laugh my heart lightens.  I don’t know how my baby grew up so fast, but it’s wonderful seeing who she is becoming.

Svara made this face in the car the other day and I laughed.  Now she does it all day long just to make me laugh.  And I can’t help it, she’s such a nut!

Here’s another one of her faces to make me laugh:

Finally here is her genuine smile/laugh, as she offers me one of her cookies

Many of the things Svara does are things she knows will elicit a response from us.  When she carries her doll around and gives it hugs, pats, and kisses, we say things like “aw, so nice!” and she just eats it up and continues her loving assault on her doll.  Here she is giving it a big hug.

If the beanbags are stacked in the corner Svara will ask for me to spread them on the floor.  When I do she plops down, wiggles her way into a comfy position and says “ahhhh”.  I treasure the 10 seconds that she lies peacefully before jumping up again.

I cannot leave Svara in the living room unattended for any length of time anymore.  There was a brief period of time where I could sneak off to the bathroom if needed.  When she could walk steadily yet was unable to climb.  She can now climb.  She can climb on the rocking chair (seen here), on the couch, and on the concrete window seat.  She is able to climb down, but she also has the tendency to do it forwards and try to jump off things.  That might not be so good.  And yes, she only has one shoe on.  She had just taken the other one off.  Sorry, Naren, I know you like her to be dressed symmetrically 🙂  And yes, she is wearing a swimming suit.  No, she wasn’t going swimming.

You thought it was odd that our dear daughter was wearing a swimsuit in the middle of the day?  Check this one out!  She insisted on wearing her Papa’s shirt the other day.  It was too long, so I had to tie the bottom. She walked around the room proudly and played until Naren had to take it off to put on himself.  Silly chica.

And finally, here are my favorite eyes in the whole world:


4 thoughts on “Zoom

  1. Those funny faces are great.

    My little one does the same thing with her baby doll. She just got one that makes noise when you push its belly. When it cries she throws her head up and laughs for a second and then starts in on her cooing and hugging. Where she got that from, I have no idea.

  2. My daughter loves her doll also. It’s so cute watching her take care of her “baby”. Lovely photos, Svara has such beautiful eyes!

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