Today’s Lessons

family, Svara


Svara is counting!  Last week when we were at our family reunion (Naren’s side), Svara was walking upstairs next to Aneesh.  Every time he said “one” she said “two”.  I thought that was pretty cute, it was the first time she had done that.  I count a lot for her, especially counting things in books.  And I guess she has caught on!  So that was the first time.  Today she has gone number crazy and is saying one, two, three!  Usually we start with one and she’ll say 2.  If we say 1, 2, she’ll say 3.  But I caught her a few times counting on her own.


Today Svara had her first nature science lesson.  I was going to cut up the cabbage for coleslaw and found two little earthworms inside it!  Don’t know how they survived a week in the fridge (and however long before that it was sitting in the store, travelling, etc.) but they were pretty lively!  So I showed them to Svara and told her they were worms.  She called them “maws”, or something close to that anyway.  She didn’t want to touch it at first, but later she did but she was a little rough so I saved it and put it outside in the compost.


Svara is really talking a lot these days.  She always has been a talker, but she’s trying to say new words every day.  One of today’s new words was “thank you”.  This morning I was upstairs and I was loudly telling Naren something (he was at the bottom of the stairs) and Svara had to pitch in her part of the conversation and started yelling down the stairs too.  Silly girl.


Keep those toenails nice and trimmed!  Svara wanted to see her fingernail clipper when we were done forcing her to get her fingernails clipped.  So we closed it and handed it to her.  She carried it around for a LONG time after that, once in awhile sitting down and pretending to clip her toenails.  Oh the things they find interesting!

And now as it’s getting late (almost 11pm) I better be getting to bed.  I think it’s going to be a long night.  She was teething today and she’s only been in bed 3 1/2 hours but has woken up 4 or 5 times already to nurse.  Better catch as many Zs as I can!


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