Nice Surprise!

family, Svara

Today Svara and I were playing in the living room and I heard the postman honk outside.  We had a package!  Don’t you love surprise packages?  Especially when they are good ones!  My sister, Saffron, had sent Svara a birthday present.

I thought Svara would be excited to open a box, but actually she was quite upset at the moment that I had put the house keys away instead of letting her play with them (she tends to try to stick them in her ears lately).  So she was whining while I opened it.  UNTIL she saw this dress!  Svara loves clothes (maybe something to do with the fact that I make her walk around in just a diaper all day?  haha).  So as soon as she saw this she had to put it on of course!

So I wanted to take a picture.  It is NOT easy taking a nice picture of an active toddler, so here’s what I got:

Not a bad start, but thought I’d try to get smile

But she decided to inspect her foot instead…

And then she stood up and started making funny noises…

and then proceeded to laugh at herself…

before coming over to me and trying to get me to go play…

and lastly she shot me this “I’m so innocent” look as her arm slyly sneaks onto my keyboard…

What a monkey!  And what a cute dress!  Thank you Auntie Saffron!

Oh, and she sent a lovely book, too!


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