Calling in Sick

family, Svara

When I was teaching I could call in sick if I didn’t feel well.  Naren would be home and I could take some time to rest.

I don’t get to call in sick anymore!

Naren was gone for 3 days this past week conducting a training.  Svara caught a bug right before he left, though it was mild.  A very slight runny nose.  And I think her throat must have been sore because all she wanted to eat for 2 or 3 days were popsicles and baby cereal.  The second day Naren was gone I caught it.  A lot worse than Svara!  The sinus pressure alone would have been enough, but I had the sore throat, runny nose, everything.  Ugh!  And I was all alone.

I wanted to call in sick!

Luckily Svara was in a pretty good mood all week.  She played a lot.  And I decided if I couldn’t call in sick, at least I’d take it easy.  So I forgot about the housework and let Svara watch a lot of videos of herself on my computer while I surfed the web.  And I spent as much time as possible laying down and reading her stories as well.  And every time she had a nap, I had a nap too!  And forget about meal planning, I was eating a big macaroni slaw salad I had made before Naren left and also ramen noodles.  Yep, good ol’ ramen noodles as if I was in college again.  I did do a little cooking for Svara, but she didn’t eat it anyway, just wanting her baby cereal and popsicles.

So that was my way of calling in sick!

I also didn’t take many pictures.  But I had to snap this one today:

Svara took this box down from the window seat, threw her stuffed piggy into it, and then purposely sat in it.  Then she leaned back as if she was relaxing in the box.  Here she is trying to get back out again.

Oh, she found a new skill.  She can spin around by herself!  Whew!  I was getting tired of spinning her around every time she felt like spinning.  haha!


One thought on “Calling in Sick

  1. i love the pic! And hope you’re feeling better. It’s so rough feeling bad when you have a little one to take care of. Little Elvis gave me a stomach bug this fall. He was out of sorts for about a day, I was in misery for several. Just think that’s how it goes.

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