A Day in Our Life

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Today was a typical Monday. I’m excited to participate in Half Pint Pixie‘s Parenting Blog Carnival by talking about what our typical days are like. So here goes!

I was lucky this morning, Svara didn’t wake up until 7:30 and she only woke me up to nurse about 4 or 5 times last night. She’s teething, and the night before it was 10 times! ugh! So I feel a bit more rested today. whew!

We got up and played around in the bedroom. Naren got up and he watched Svara while I showered and put the diapers in the washing machine. Then it was time for him to go get his breakfast and get to work (he works at home in his little office here) so we were on our own. As usual Svara requested baby cereal for breakfast. While I’m feeding her I have to entertain her by singing songs, making animal noises, or giving her little things to play with on her high chair. It’s the only way to get her to eat all her breakfast. As I look around my messy house I decide to postpone cleaning for a short while to spend some time playing with Svara. We read some books, throw a few balls around, and play with her small Little People set. She loves her little “Lolly” and “Meh” (Dolly and Cat).

Naren is leaving on Wednesday and there are a few things I need from the shops here, so he takes a break and we go for a short shopping excursion. I wear Svara in the sling as we walk from shop to shop, getting the things I need and she enjoys saying “hi” to people as they pass. Back home it’s time to get to my Monday cleaning! (I try not to do cleaning on the weekends if I can help it). Svara wanders around as I vacuum the downstairs. Then I give her a popsicle (made of pureed watermelon, her favorite!) in her high chair while I mop. Unfortunately she decides to throw it on the floor when she is close to the end. And then she asks for more. I used to give her more, but the new rule starting last week is that when she throws it on the floor she’s done and can’t have any more right then. So I wipe her, give her a few toys, and finish my mopping and bathroom cleaning downstairs. Naren was working on his laptop on the table next to her, so she wasn’t alone. Then it was playtime again! Just the usual – she played with her baby doll for awhile and then she played with the tupperware in the kitchen while I did a bit of clearing up. It was getting near naptime, so I gave her a cookie and juice in her highchair before taking her up. And again she threw her cookie on the floor and asked for more. sigh.. at least she had eaten one already. I hope she slows down on this food throwing thing!! Then it’s upstairs for a diaper change, stories, nurse, and naptime! I read “A You’re Adorable” four times in a row! That’s her favorite book at the moment. Sometimes I hide it so I don’t have to read it, but today I read it. She loves the pictures of all the children, babies, and animals. Luckily she didn’t put up a fuss when going into her crib. Sometimes she does if she’s not tired enough. Then I came downstairs and made my lunch, started washing some dishes while lunch cooked, and then ate at the computer. I had “cheeseburger” pizza today (meat was homemade tempeh crumbles and “cheese” was a nutritional cheese sauce). Naren left for a meeting and now I’m typing this!

I need to go finish the dishes and if I have time before she wakes up, maybe bake something. I’ll continue this later! 🙂

…After I ate my lunch I decided to postpone doing the dishes and instead try to fix up my ebay and paypal accounts so I could bid on a moby wrap. I’ll be visiting the US in a few weeks and I want to get one to have handy for our next baby (not for awhile, but hey, gotta get it while I’m in the US!). That takes quite awhile as I had to change all my addresses to my parents’ US address and other things. Finally bid on one. My first ebay bid! woohoo! By that time Svara woke up.

I went upstairs and she excitedly greeted me from her crib. I took her out and we played around on the bed, sharing hugs and kisses and reading stories for awhile. Then I brought her downstairs to the office and let her watch videos of herself on the computer while I finished my ebay business. She nursed after her nap, so didn’t ask for lunch yet.

At 3pm I figured she should probably eat lunch, so I heated up her quinoa with tofu and veggie stirfry (made the day before, saved a portion for her lunch). She didn’t want it. So I put it back in the fridge for later. I decided I still wanted to bake, so I thought I’d try including Svara in the process! I carried a small (and lightweight!) table from the living room to the kitchen. Each time I needed to add in an ingredient or stir I’d put the bowl on the table and let Svara helped. She loved it! She also tried to grab the flour and throw it around, but soon got the hang of stirring instead! I WISH I had the camera to show you a picture of this first time helping Mama cook, but Naren had taken it with him to his meeting. By the time the batter was finished (I made a healthy version of chocolate cookie bars) Svara had flour, cocoa powder, and batter on her face. She was licking the spoon and trying to scoop the remnants of the batter out of the bowl (my favorite thing about vegan baking, no eggs makes the batter safe to eat!). I popped the bars in the oven and cleaned up the mess. whew! Got the diapers out of the dryer and popped in another load of laundry while Svara looked out the backdoor to see if she could see any birds or cats. Went back into the kitchen and Svara asked for some soymilk. So I figured she was hungry finally (it was about 4pm). I heated up her quinoa dish again and poured a glass of soymilk. She ate about 3 small bites of the quinoa, but drank the whole glass of soymilk! She had never done that before. Put the quinoa back in the fridge… sigh…

Then it was time to play some more! She played a lot with her baby doll, even insisting that I pretend to nurse it. And she had me put her shoes on the baby doll and then she danced around with it. And we danced. And we played the “I snore and pretend to sleep and you kiss me on the cheek and I wake up” game over and over.

Back to the kitchen to take the bars out of the oven! Svara spots the bag we brought back from the shops earlier and peeks inside. She sees bananas and wants one! She used to eat a banana a day but has refused banana for about 3 weeks now. I peel it a bit and she takes a few bites.

Naren comes home! We play around in the living room for awhile and Svara almost finishes her banana. Yay! Svara wants to see more videos of herself, so she watches while I browse online (my computer screen is wide enough for her video on one side and my browser on the other side. so nice!

It’s almost her bedtime so we decide to try and give her supper (last chance for the poor quinoa and stirfry!). I heat it up and she sits in her high chair. But she won’t eat it and wants me. I sit her on my lap and she eats a few bites as Naren feeds her. yay! Then she wants down. She plays around, coming back for a few more bites. Well, at least she ate something. 6:45 and time for bed!

We all go upstairs for our very predictable bedtime routine. Naren showers Svara while I get her stuff ready. Then I dress her, brush her teeth (well, I try!) and comb her hair while Naren showers. Then I shower while Naren puts her in her sleep sack and reads her stories. Then he leaves while I nurse her and sing a lullaby and put her in her crib. and then I came downstairs to finish typing this and it’s 7:30 right now. I heard Svara making some noise on the monitor, so not sure if she’s asleep yet, but hopefully she’ll fall asleep soon. Sometimes I need to go up and nurse her again.

I’m going to wash the dishes (I know, I’ve been saying that all day! But I really will this time, I’m trying hard to leave a clean kitchen at night. Makes for easier mornings!) and fix more cheeseburger pizzas for supper with Naren’s help. We’ll watch Star Trek (we have the Deep Space Nine set) while eating. Then Naren has some work to do and I’ll do some crocheting. I’m making some little crocheted animals as surprises for Svara on our plane trip. And then it’s to bed for me around 10 or 11 pm! A pretty normal day for us!

*EDIT* We sat down to watch one episode of DS9, but it was a final episode of season 6 and I just HAD to watch the next episode.  So we watched the first episode of season 7.  I was fine to stop there, but it was too much of a cliff hanger for Naren and we watched another!  So now it’s 11 pm and too late to do my crochet.  I’ll have to do it tomorrow night!


3 thoughts on “A Day in Our Life

  1. You’re a Trekkie?? Me too 🙂 Your day sounds like a lot of fun, it’s hard work being a stay at home mum isn’t it, no rest at all! I completely agree with you about vegan cookie batter, it tastes good & it’s safe to eat!!

    Thanks for joining in the carnival!

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