When my siblings were growing up (I am second oldest of 7 children) we always played this game with whoever was the baby at the time:

You lay down and close your eyes, pretending to snore.  Baby comes up and gives you a kiss (you have to prompt them the first few timets) and then you pretend to wake up all excited.

So of course I had to teach this game to Svara as well, seeing as it was always a hit in our house.  She likes this little game a lot.  A couple weeks ago I played this game with her Little People characters.  Since then she has started to make a snoring noise as well.  And when she wants to prompt the game she puts her head on her side and makes a snoring noise to tell me that she wants me to pretend to “sleep” so she can kiss me awake.

Within the past few days she has taken this a step further, and has started to be the one to pretend to sleep, while I have to kiss her awake!  I can’t remember any of my siblings doing this.  She lays down wherever she is (though she always tries for the carpet, and will use another piece of cloth or something for a pillow if there’s one handy) like this:

And with her eyes open she pretends to snore until I go over and kiss her.  Then she pops up and says “noh nay!” (good morning!).  Sometimes she lays down totally flat, but usually it’s a lazy lay down, as pictured.  What a crackerjack!

As cute as this trick is, I hope the novelty wears off a bit, as she must have done this a hundred times today, no exaggeration!

Oh, and on a side note, you’ll notice she’s wearing clothes that day!  She insisted on picking out her own outfit as well!  I put two different shirts on her, but she asked me to take them off.  So finally I showed her the drawer and she picked this out.  haha!

Naren will be back tomorrow.  Then we should be busy over the weekend starting some shopping for my trip back to the US!  I’m getting pretty excited!  Can’t wait to see my family again.  Especially for the weekend of my sister Acelynn’s birthday, as 3 of my siblings will be coming back home to join us.  Only Jemia will be missing.  We’ll miss you, Jemia!!!


One thought on “zzzzz…

  1. What a cute game! Sounds like lots of fun. Oddly, I can’t make a snore sound. Just can’t do it. Little Elvis sometimes snorts when he laughs, so he probably can.

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