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We had a busy day today!  Naren left the house around noon and so Svara and I were on our own (until tomorrow afternoon probably).  So I tried to get some things done.  I needed to bake some treats to bring along for our trip (in a week and half!) so we baked oatmeal cookies (Svara helped stir, throw flour, eat batter, and bang bowl).  Then we packed up the cookies in threes and wrapped them up.  She handed me each cookie, it was so cute to have her help me!  She also took a bite out of every other cookie  LOL!  I also managed to grind some nuts for some bars I’ll make another day, and then make hummus (gotta make full use of the food processor while it’s out!).  Svara liked the hummus, which is good, though she didn’t eat much of her cracker with hummus for dinner (hm… maybe something to do with all the cookie bites?)

We also played around in the living room quite a bit, she has taken to sitting and climbing on me and thinking it’s hilarious.  Sitting or laying on my face is her favorite!

With all the cooking and playing, no cleaning got done besides a few dishes now and then.  Now she’s in bed asleep and the house looks like a tornado has gone through it – so instead of cleaning I”m posting and procrastinating  haha!

It’s about time I share some more pictures I think!

Here is Svara’s new favorite kitchen activity:  empty the utensil drawer!  I took out all the utensils that might be dangerous (I think!) and she likes to take them out and bring them to the living room and put them in a pile.  Keeps her busy for a little while!

Her’es another current favorite:  goggles!  She loves for us to put these on her.  She wears them for about 10 seconds, takes them off, and then wants them on again.  Several times throughout the day she’ll start looking around saying “gah guh!”

Yesterday we bought her a pair of sunglasses, as she loves glasses so much.  She still calls them “gah guh!”.  Here she is modeling them last night.

She likes to make her baby doll wear them as well.  Speaking of which, I’ve recently brought down a couple of her cloth diapers from when she was first born for her baby doll, along with a few pieces of clothing.  I thought she might enjoy changing her doll’s clothes.  So the first day  we spent 20 minutes putting the diaper on and off the baby.  Well, I put it on (sometimes only half on) and then she’d immediately grab it and take it off.  And then want me to put it right back on!  Such a fruitful 20 minutes. haha!  I wonder what she is thinking when she does activities like that.  Repetition must be really important because I often find she’ll do small activities over and over.

I thought this was a cute shot.  It was taken at a hotel where we went for breakfast last weekend.  Then we found this wide open place upstairs where she could run around for a bit.  Here she was looking at her reflection in the window.

And now I better get to cleaning up the house a bit.  Or maybe I’ll eat first and then clean up… or maybe I’ll think about that for awhile before I decide for sure… isn’t procrastinating fun?


One thought on “Procrastinating

  1. That’s so funny that she loves glasses! Little Elvis refuses to wear sunglasses. He will gladly carry my pair around the house, but if I put any on him, he yanks them off and throws them down.
    I understand about procrastinating with cleaning. I read somewhere that around this age toddlers can help clean. i tried that with Little Elvis, and the mess just got bigger!

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