Little Helper

family, Svara

Svara loves to help.  When we come home from grocery shopping she hands me things from the bags one by one for me to put away.  And I have to say “thank you” everytime.  If I don’t say it, she will.

When I’m folding clothes she’ll hand me clothes from the basket.

Of course one of the most fun things to help with is baking!  Naren’s birthday was last week and Svara “helped” me bake a cake.  She’s still in the stage where she loves to stick her hand in the bowl, grab a handful of flour, and throw it all over the floor.  So it’s not an easy task to bake with her by my side!  But sometimes it’s the only way something will get baked, and it is fun.

Here she is doing the most important job of all:

licking the bowl!  You can’t waste that batter!

Life is not all hard work, though, here are some things she’s doing to relax:

Riding in this fun cart at the grocery store!

Today was a hot day and we were too lazy to take Svara to the swimming pool.  But she was crabby and wanted to go out, so this was our solution:

She had a blast!  Drank a lot of water too!

In this picture you can see the size of our enormous (insert sarcasm) yard!


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