Whew, I feel like it’s been a LONG time since my last post!  I’ve been busy getting ready for our trip to visit my family.  We leave in only a couple days!

Just thought I’d share a funny miscommunication story between Svara and myself.  As you might know, Svara does a lot of baby signs to tell us what she wants, how she is feeling, etc.  If I show her a new sign she catches on immediately and will start using it.  But once in awhile she surprises us by making up her own signs.  For example, she made up a sign to mean she wants some juice or soymilk (as opposed to water).

So, two or three weeks ago I was nursing her at bedtime.  Usually while I nurse her I’ll sing her a lullaby.  When she is finished I put her in her crib, or finish singing the lullaby and then put her in her crib.  So that night she was finished and I was finishing the lullaby and she made a sign.  she patted her cheek with the palm of her hand.  Now, if she pats her mouth that means she wants to eat.  I thought since she had her pacifier in she was patting her cheek instead.  She hadn’t had much to eat that night for supper.  And then she sat up and looked around, and I asked if she was hungry, and then she started whining when I asked if she wanted to nurse more, and it escalated.  Eventually I brought up some bread and soymilk and she ate a few bites, drank a bit, listened to another bedtime story, and went to bed.  Two nights later she made the same sign.  I offered her some soymilk, but she only took one sip.  The next night she made the same sign.  I said no, it’s time to sleep.  I tried to see if she wanted to nurse more, but she fussed.  So I put her in her crib.  And she said “bye!” and layed down to go to sleep.  okay… The next night when she made the sign I immediately put her in her crib and she was happy to go down.  So I finally figured out that the sign means she wants to go into her crib to sleep!  Took me long enough LOL!

On nights when I finish the lullaby before she’s finished nursing she doesn’t bother with the sign because she knows I’ll put her right down.  But on nights when I’m not finished with the lullaby apparently she doesn’t want to listen to the rest of it and would rather just go to bed LOL!  Okay, sweetheart, Mama got the message!


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