Progress and relief!

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I’m very overdue for a blog entry!  We’ve been in the US visiting my family for 2 weeks now!  I will give some pictures and stories on what we’ve been up to here, but just wanted to share some good news first.

I’ve written before about Svara’s eczema.  She has had it since she was about 13 months old, which I thought was strange.  She just suddenly one day had it.  After doing a lot of thinking and researching about eczema, food, and lots of stress about Svara’s diet, I came to think that her eczema just might be a reaction to her MMR vaccination.  She got it about 2 weeks after the vaccination.  I did see on other websites that it can happen (though of course there is no “proof”).  The vaccination can weaken the immune system.  Eczema is essentially an immune system response.  So I looked into some homeopathic solutions to this. 

There is one remedy, Thuja, that has been used very successfully to help people who have had vaccination damage, even serious damage such as autism!  Pretty amazing.  So I went to a homeopath and he gave me the right potency and told me how often to give it, etc.  And it’s working!  

She has been taking it for about a month now.  There was immediate reduction in her eczema.  After 3 weeks it was completely gone!!!  So I started reintroducing some foods that caused reactions before.  I started with corn.  No reaction at all, whereas before she would have an outbreak the day after eating corn.  If you are a parent who has worried about the health of your child you can imagine my relief. 

So I decided to proceed and try dairy.  I tried butter for a few days, and she had some too (I figured it was the least reactive since it’s mostly fat).  No reaction.  So this past Sunday we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant and I had cheese.  No reaction for a couple days, so I had some cheese yesterday as well.  This evening I ate frozen pizza.  During supper I did notice a small itchy spot on her arm, so I gave her the medicine again (I had been reducing the amount I gave it to her).  Hopefully that will clear it up again.  I’ll take dairy more slowly I guess.  Though I will hopefully get to eat cheesecurds before leaving back to Malaysia!!!!

Anyway, I really am so relieved.  And to me, the medicine working proves that it was the vaccination that caused her eczema in the first place.  I’m not sure now whether her fiercest outbreak was the result of kiwi she ate or if it was because of the chicken pox vaccination, as those things happened just before that worst outbreak about a month after getting it in the first place.

I think I will at least postpone her next vaccination.  There are so many scary things we don’t know about health and you really cannot trust doctors today to tell you everything.  I’m not saying vaccinations are totally bad, but I do know now that they are not totally good either. 

Thank God for homeopathy.


One thought on “Progress and relief!

  1. That is so incredible that you were able to link the eczema to the vaccination. I never would have thought of it, but it makes perfect sense, particularly when you have a child with a lot of food sensitivities. I was watching a documentary a few months ago about vaccinations and part of it was talking about how they actually make the vaccines. The grow the illness on old dead animal carcasses and all sorts of other gross stuff. One of the things they grow the illness on is eggs and Diego has always been so violently allergic to eggs. When I found that out, I was so happy that I had never given him any vaccines because he could have had a very serious reaction to them (due to the egg transference). Who would’ve known? I gave Isabela her vaccines when she was a baby and noticed a lot of negative reactions with her so I started doing more research and have completely eliminated using vaccines ever since.

    Hope you have a great vacation in Wisconsin!

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