A Boatload of Vacation Pics


Okay, here it comes, an avalanche!!  Okay, not THAT many, but it’s still a lot of photos.  What better way to document a vacation than by taking photos, right?  So here are a “few” of the more than 200 pics that I took:

Having fun in the BIG tub!

Sneaking a granola bar out of the cabinet while noone was looking!

And on another day, sneaking cereal out of the cupboard!   Cute little stinker 🙂

Having fun with Nanna, Uncle Xander, and Aunty Saffy.  Blow up some more balloons, guys!

Peekaboo with Uncle Damian!

Svara LOVED playing with these good ol’ fisher price house and barn and all the little people and furniture.  These are the same toys that my siblings and I all played with.  Svara thinks that “play” means to play with all these fun toys!  Unfortunately that meant she had a fit today when I asked if she wanted to go play, as of course we don’t have these toys back here in Malaysia 😦  Poor kiddy.

Walking with Nanna and Pops in the park

Playing with Pops

Watch out big slide, Svara’s coming!!

We were playing outside and Svara saw Pops coming out and she went and grabbed his hand and said swing swing!  So here he is playing on the swingset with her.  It was so cute!

Svara loved playing on the trampoline too.  She called it the “ampeen”.  She sat or layed down in the middle while I bounced her a little bit.

Swinging with Aunty Zeta!

Svara, bossing around Aunty Zeta 🙂

Two days before we left it was Svara’s 18 month “birthday”, so Aunty Acelynn made pumpkin cupcakes to celebrate the occasion.  As an extra treat, we had frosting.  Svara has never had frosting before.  She was delighted at her first taste and proceeded to try to poke her cute little finger into the cakes.  She managed once, then Acelynn pushed the rack further in.  I love her little finger trying to reach out.  heehee

And here she is after demolishing the poor cupcake.  She ate off the frosting (we only gave her a very thin layer on hers) and she’s making the sign for “help” because she wants more frosting  haha!

I still have more pics to post that were taken by my sister, Saffron, but I’ll save those for another post.  All in all we had a wonderful vacation.  It was great seeing my family again and even more wonderful to share Svara with them.  They loved having her at home and she loved being there as well.  We are looking forward to going back!!


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