Life Flies

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It seems as though several times a day Svara does something crazy, funny, loving, smart, or just rememorable that I want to post about.  I think of a cool title and start typing the post in my mind.  The day passes and I don’t have a chance to post.  Evening comes and I’m too tired to post.  And so most of these moments are lost.  But here are a few from the last week or two:

I finally tried playdough again, since Svara enjoyed making it at my parent’s house.  I made a recipe similar to this one.

I only made an eighth of a recipe and it made more than a cup of playdough.  Plenty for one little girl to play with!  She does still put it in her mouth, but not as often as she used to.  And she doesn’t enjoy the taste of it so usually spits it right back out (or opens her mouth for me to take it out.  Thanks a lot!).  This playdough is great.  It’s softer than commercial playdough, which makes it easier for little fingers to be able to poke and play with.  We’ve even accidentally left it out of the container overnight a couple of times and it’s fine.

Here is Svara eating one of her favorite foods – icecream!  She pronounces it in several different ways including icepeem, icekeem, and icekweem with the cutest little mouth.  She learned about icecream when we were in the US and my mom bought some Rice Dream and I let Svara have some.  That was it, since that day I have been unable to mention the word unless I know I have some around for her!  However, on the plus side, she does not eat “traditional” icecream.  I make my own icecream for her from a base of bananas and soy or coconut milk or both.  The icecream she is eating in the picture below is bananas, soymilk, coconut milk, a couple dates for sweetness, ground flaxseed, and carob powder.  So to her it may be “icepeem”, but to me it’s a healthy snack for my baby!  Thank goodness for my icecream maker!!!

Oh, and in the picture above she was telling me that the icecream was “hot”.  She is obviously still a little confused with her opposites!  Hot and Cold are both “hot!”.  On and Off are both “on!”.    And yes, she did eat most of that icecream herself, what a piggie!!

We found a great new playground in a neighborhood not too far from our own (about a 5 minute drive or so).  Svara tried the tube slide for the first time and loved it!

And here she was walking across a bridge.  Looks as if she’s posing here, too cute!

The other weekend we stayed at Naren’s sister’s condo for a night and got to swim in their pool.  Svara had a blast!  She LOVES swimming.  The ring is still a bit big for her, but she still does a good job of kicking her legs and getting around a bit.  She manages to turn herself in circles, too, I’m not quite sure how she does that.  She pronounces swim as “sim”, “speem”, or “sweem”.  If she sees a picture or video of herself swimming she wants to climb into the screen and hop in the pool!

And lastly, here she is at the condo practicing for her duet with Naren:

And her solo:

Note the concentration.


4 thoughts on “Life Flies

  1. What great pictures! The playdough looks great! I found a recipe for koolaid playdough, but haven’t made it yet. Little Elvis won’t stop trying to eat crayons, markers, chapstick, etc. So I figure playdough would just be way too tempting for him.

  2. nice looking play dough! and the icecream!!! wowzers, I want some of that, if I had an icecream maker i would definately try that, sounds healthy and delicious, our kids also eat the ricedream icecream and think it’s real icecream!

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