One of my friends (who I happened to meet at the doctor’s office) has begun to come over for weekly playdates, starting last week.  Her little boy is almost exactly a year younger than Svara.  It is great having a friend to chat with and watching our babies play together.


Her little friend got tired after awhile and needed to take a nap.  Svara saw him sleeping in the crib and she said that she wanted to sleep too! (“seep, seep!”)  So I put an extra sheet down on the floor and she played there for awhile and peeked in on him as well.


Overall she plays rather well with her friend.  She sometimes wants a toy that he has picked up, but she does not grab from him.  She looks at me and says the toy, with a little pleading look.  I just say “Yes, _____ is playing with your cat (or whatever toy it is).  You are so good at sharing.”  Then I distract her with another toy until he is finished with the one she really wanted.  So far so good!

Svara was looking out the front door today at our shoes and wanted to wear my shoes.  We don’t wear our outside shoes in the house, so I got out a pair of my shoes from the closet that I hardly wear and let her walk around in them.  She loved it!


Here are a few more recent pics:

Svara likes carrying around bags and purses.  She happened to find my purse (which I haven’t really used since she was born) idly hanging on the back of a doorknob in our office.  We were on our way out, guess she had to have her bag!  She loves trying to unlock the door, too. She knows which key it is, but can’t get it in yet.


Whenever Svara sees me blowing my nose (quite often thanks to how dusty it can get here) she always wants to have a tissue as well.  She can let out quite a good honking noise!  Here the box of tissues happened to find its way to the floor as we were straightening up the living room and I didn’t notice what she was doing until I turned around and saw this lovely pile on the floor!


I know I posted about our homemade playdough before, but I just had to share this picture.  I love how she put her sunglasses on upside down.  Haha!  Unfortunately these sunglasses have since broken (one of the arms fell off).  They just don’t stand up to the tugging and pulling of a toddler.  A new (cheaper) pair of sunglasses is on our shopping list!



2 thoughts on “Playdate

  1. The playdates sound fun! Little Elvis also tries as hard as possible to unlock our doors. He knows the correct key, but thankfully can’t reach the deadbolt yet!
    Little E also likes to “blow his nose” for us. He just makes his squinchy face and wrinkles his nose up, then waits for the applause.
    Those sunglasses are cute!
    And thanks for the advice about the diapers, I actually have been thinking about making one or two to try them out!

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