Busy as Usual

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Svara has been busy as usual!  Here are some of the things she’s been up to:

Pushing around her new baby stroller!  It actually doesn’t look the same anymore.  Two days after we bought it the cover ripped and I sewed a new one out of an old dress of mine.  Took out my sewing machine for the first time since my mother-in-law gave it to me as a present almost two years ago.  I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t used it until now, but hopefully it’ll see the light more often now that I have gotten the hang of it.


Usually I keep my sling in the car since we use it when we go out, but the other day it was in the house and Svara saw it on the chair and wanted to wear it.  So here she is carrying around her baby doll (a larger baby doll than she is pushing in the stroller).  If I can find myself some rings I think my next project on my sewing machine can be a sling for her, as of course mine was way too large for little her.  She just couldn’t get it comfortable!


One of the nice things about Malaysia is how easy (and cheap!) it can be to go out for breakfast.  Sometimes Naren takes Svara out to breakfast with him, and sometimes we go as a family.  Here we went as a family and I ordered a thosai (a thin pancake made from white beans and rice) and we found out that Svara loves it.  She ate almost half of it!!!  Notice she’s on my lap, not in the highchair that was provided.  She now requests “lap! lap!” after having spent a total of about 5-10 minutes in a highchair.



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