Sometimes it gets a little easier


Once in awhile Svara goes through some developmental changes that make it a bit easier for me to get things done.  Like when she started enjoying handing me clothes to fold (and at the same time naming what type of clothing it is and who they belong to).  And when she started enjoying handing me food out of the grocery bags to put away.  Recently she has begun doing some more growing up that has again helped us get more things done during the day:

Svara has long enjoyed helping me cook, but recently it’s become a bit easier.  She doesn’t plunge her hand into the dough at every opportune moment and she actually listens to me (most of the time) when I tell her not to eat it yet.  Here is a pan of cookies we made last week.  Can you tell which one she put on the pan?


Also, she will occasionally play by herself for a few minutes at a time, allowing me to get a few minutes rest or finish some cooking/cleaning.  Tonight as I tidied up after supper and was making some snacks for a  movie later she puttered around the kitchen with a pastry brush “cleaning” everything in sight. When she was finished with that, she pushed around her new doll stroller for awhile and then played with some bags of spices we bought at the store today.  I think it was actually about 15 minutes!!!!!  It still doesn’t happen often, but it’s becoming more common.

Svara is good at understanding sequence now.  If she wants a popsicle and I say she can have a popsicle after we clean up the playdough, she starts cleaning up the playdough before running into the kitchen to get her popsicle.  If I tell her I need to do something first before playing, she will wait (or make me pick her up so she can watch me finish my job while she waits. she’s getting heavy!!)

And as usual Svara wants to be my little helper.  Of course it usually means that jobs take twice as long or more, but at least they get done!  And she has so much fun carrying plates to the sink, getting things out of the refrigerator, etc.

Communication is always important and Svara LOVES to talk (and sign).  She copies everything, even sentences.  When we are watching videos of her on the computer (one of her favorite things, I think she’d do it all day if I let her) she tells me which video clip she wants to see by saying what happens in it.  She’s very good at communicating what she wants.  Sometimes I don’t know what she is saying, especially if it’s something I never heard her say before, and I have to ask her to show me.  Like the other day when she was saying “garbage” but it sounded the same as the way she says “soymilk”.  She took me over to the garbage to show me what she meant.  Smart cookie!


One thought on “Sometimes it gets a little easier

  1. Little Elvis still isn’t so much into the helping me do chores and tasks phase. He’s good at picking up sticks in the yard and putting them in the stick pile, but that’s about it as far as chores go.
    He does love to watch his videos, though. We usually watch a few when he wakes up from naptime and he has the best time!

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