Sometimes Experience Doesn’t Matter

family, Svara

My mother has seven kids.  I always assumed that if I had any question about raising Svara, she’d be able to answer it!  What I didn’t reckon on is that Svara is so different from me or any of my siblings that often my mother is just as flabbergasted as I am over what to do with my little Svara.

Svara is ACTIVE.  My mother said that she was more worn out by playing with Svara for half an hour than she ever was taking care of any kid!

Svara is ACTIVE.  I have been trying to start potty training her on and off for the past month and a half or so, but it just isn’t going anywhere.  There is one big problem.  Svara will not sit down for more than 30 seconds at a time.  Often not more than 5 seconds at a time.  My mother never had this problem, she’d just sit next to us and read us stories on the potty chair.  Not Svara.  She loves to hear stories, but she has to be moving around too!

Svara is ACTIVE.  When we are walking around in the store and Svara wants to walk, she is required to hold my hand (or Naren’s hand).  But does she just walk quietly and hold our hand?  Of course not!  She twists and turns and hangs upside down, tugging and twisting my arm every which way in the process.  She must like seeing the world from different angles.  Either that or she’s practicing to be a gymnast.

Svara is ACTIVE.  If she has a choice, she’d rather be OUTSIDE.  Running around, sliding, swinging, you name it.  It saddens me that she can’t run around outside here in Malaysia whenever she wants, but we try to take her to the playground in the late afternoons when we can.  She is such an outdoor girl.

I love that she’s active.  I love that she enjoys running, dancing, prancing, and all that fun stuff.  But sometimes it does feel like I’m swimming when I’m looking for help or advice.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes Experience Doesn’t Matter

  1. I understand about having an active child. Little Elvis rarely stops. He sat in my lap for about 40 minutes during the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and I was astonished!
    Potty training’s not going so well for us either. At first we had to hold him down on the potty and considered a 2 second sit an accomplishment! Now he will sit through 2 books. We’re pretty sure he does this, because it’s now part of his bedtime routine and he just wants to delay sleep by any means possible.
    Sometimes I see moms with these kids who will just sit for them, and wonder how they do it. But I must admit that I enjoy endlessly exploring with my little bundle of energy.

  2. Hi ya,
    Yes oh goodness active children…. we have one too 😉
    I am sure that there have been active children from the day dot of humans…maybe Psychologically our cultures are able to see it more now…and to know that its a good thing in many cases…just hard for us parents.
    I hope that you still feel encouraged to keep looking
    Lots of love

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