In the Kitchen Again

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Svara and I ventured to the kitchen today to do some baking.  She “helped” me measure out the flour to bake some bread and then “helped” me clean up the mess that she made.  She didn’t want me to hold the broom with her, so here she is sweeping on her own:


You can see her hand and her belly are white with flour, and she’s sweeping up oats.  After awhile she asked me to “help” and we finished sweeping the floor.

On another note, can you see Svara’s growing ringlet curls?  They’re so cute!  I would love to spend an hour each morning just combing her hair and putting it in cute pigtails.  Unfortunately it’s all I can do to get Svara to let me comb the knots out.  If I ever do manage to get a ponytail holder in her hair she either takes it right out or complains until I do.  I’m hoping someday she’ll let me do her hair…

Svara took an almost four!!!!! hour nap today (still recovering from flu) and so I used the time to bake a nice treat!


Good ol’ apple pie made with organic granny smith apples.  I haven’t baked an apple pie in about three years, so I figured it was high time.  It turned out really well!  I love the nine pointed star in the middle, I used a cookie cutter from a set I bought for my mom many years ago.  When I moved to Malaysia she kept half the set and gave me the other half.  I hardly ever make roll out cookies, so when I have the chance to use it I do!


One thought on “In the Kitchen Again

  1. Those ringlets are great! I’m glad she took such a nice long nap for you. Bob bakes the apple pies in our family. He likes Gala apples. I prefer to eat Granny Smiths and bet they taste great in a pie.
    Glad you are both feeling better. I understand about just wanting time to yourself sometimes. It can be hard to get it without feeling selfish — at least it can for me.

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