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The other day Svara and I got the opportunity to stop by my old school (where I taught) for an hour and a half in the afternoon, while Naren had a meeting nearby.  It was great to see some of my old friends.  We stopped by the library for awhile, then visited, and then off to the playground!  Svara had a grand time on the slide.  She’s such a big girl now that she can go up the equipment by herself, sit down, and slide down without any help at all.  Wow!



Today was another active day for Svara!  We spent some time running back and forth across the house (which isn’t very far) and some time playing Ring Around the Rosy, but she was hyper and I was running out of ideas.  So after a quick glance through this book I found an easy idea.  Naren helped by getting her to lay down instead of sit, and giving her a pillow.   She had some good fun rides before supper!


That’s playdough on her clothes, by the way.  I almost didn’t put up this picture because it looks terrible, but it was almost bathtime, so forgive the mess and focus on the fun 🙂


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