Papa’s Little Helper

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We bought Svara a little table and chairs today at IKEA, and just had to put them together as soon as we came home.  No easy feat with a toddler underfoot!  Svara was right in on the action, “helping” as much as she could.


As Naren was putting together the chairs she kept trying to pull the pieces from him and saying “wait! wait!”   You can really tell what you often say to a toddler by what they start repeating back to you!!

Here are a couple more pictures from today:

These are some magnetic farm animals that you can put into the base as a puzzle, and also use to put in a book on the right pages.  Here she is saying “Nooooooo!” because she is putting the cow in the spot for the sheep.


Svara’s favorite activity to do with these animals is to take them all out of their places and throw them on the floor.

Svara’s second favorite activity to do with these animals is to pretend to lay down and sleep and make me have the animals come and kiss her awake, one by one.  Here she is getting ready to “sleep”


Once she’s “in position” she makes a slight snoring sound and asks for which animal she wants to come and kiss her.


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