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Svara has been kind of counting to ten for awhile now, but yesterday she counted from 1 to 10 totally by herself. yay!  She was laying in her crib in the morning. I was hoping she’d go back to sleep, but she was playing around and talking to herself and she counted to ten.  yay!  It was only a few days ago that she finally started saying “one” instead of starting with two.

Her new favorite word is “Apalah”.  We have no idea what it means.  She likes to just walk around saying it and words that sound like it.  It’s not unusual to hear her talking to herself in her crib before going to sleep saying “apalah, dapalah, apalee …”  silly girl 🙂

Here she is playing at her new table.  She can just barely get onto the chair by herself, it’s still slightly too big for her.  But we didn’t want to get a smaller one and have it be too small next year.  Here she is again saying “nooo!” because she put the dog in the spot for the horse.


I wanted to bake something yesterday to use up some bananas, so I decided to make some banana brownies from Vegan with a Vengeance.  The recipe can be seen here.  I like these brownies because they have less fat and sugar than most because of the large amount of banana in the recipe (2 cups mashed!). If you want to make these brownies but don’t have any semi sweet chocolate on hand (like me) you can just add an extra 1/2 cup of cocoa powder and up the oil to 1/2 cup.  Worked for me!

Svara helped by peeling the bananas.  She loved this job!  Check out her new sunglasses, too, she insisted on getting the blue ones.


She also loved licking the bowl afterwards!  I think this was only her second taste of chocolate.


I was so proud of myself yesterday when I gave this little gift to Svara.  I made it all by myself by drawing the bear and its clothes and then putting them on a sheet of magnet, cutting them out, and covering them with contact paper.  She loved it!  But the pleasure was short lived, as only a few hours later she managed to peel half of the bear off of its magnet.  Busy little fingers 😛   So I glued it back on, but then the pen ran, so now its poor little face is quite smudgy.  I do not have high expectations for this toy’s lifespan.  But I still like the idea.  Anyone have any better ideas for how to make it last longer?



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