Random Things

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Svara is quite the entertainer.  If she knows something makes you laugh she”ll do it over and over.  Case in point, she finds it hilarious to put boxes and this cooler bag over her head and even try to walk around with it covering her head.  Sometimes she doesn’t even have to have an audience, she’ll put a box on her head and then just giggle to herself.



Here is Svara enjoying the last of the coconut milk from the box.  When I use coconut milk in icecream or other things I give her the box with just a little bit left in it.  She loves to drink it out, and make a big mess in the meantime.


Svara decided to spread the fun the other day by giving her piggy a ride around the house on her blanket.  She even insisted that the pig have a pillow 🙂



2 thoughts on “Random Things

  1. We used to give our kids train rides like that too (only they would sit on the blanket and we would pull). They’ve gotten a little too heavy for me to do that now!

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