First of all, a little background information:

We gave away our couch set and have to wait for the new one to be made.  When we gave away the old couch set we noticed the paint on the wall starting to peel off in big pieces.  So I peeled off a bunch so that Svara wouldn’t.  Our living room looks terrible 😛  So one wall has a whole bunch of chipped and peeled paint along the bottom.

The other day Svara and I were sitting in the beanbag chair (current substitution for couch) and she looked over at the wall and said “horse!”  I was like, huh??

I picked her up and asked her to show me the horse.  She goes over to the wall and shows me:


Can you see the little horse’s head that she’s pointing to?  Of course you may think it looks more like scooby doo (as Naren did), but I’m just impressed Svara thought it looked like anything!

My daughter is using her imagination!


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