The Zoo

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We visited the zoo last week.  Svara had a great time and is still talking about it.  She repeats the animal names and signs over and over again and asks to see the pictures and videos we took while at the zoo.  Next month we’re planning a trip to Singapore and we will be visiting the zoo there, too.  I hear it’s a great zoo.  I’m sure Svara will have a blast!

Here are a few pictures from the zoo:

The giraffes were reaching out to eat the grass by the moat, so they came nice and close.  Svara loved it.


Here she is saying hi.  It looks like there is no fence, but there is.  It’s a low fence and this rock is actually just beyond the fence.


Notice how Svara’s head is turned to the side?  She was being shy of the elephant.  When we were far away she was so excited and saying and signing elephant and saying it was “so cute!”. Then we got up close and she realized how big elephants are and she was really shy.  Silly girl 🙂


Here are the storks at the zoo.  They are allowed to fly free.  You can actually see them flying around the city and sitting on light poles.  But they always come back to the lake in the zoo!  They sit in the trees too.  Right before we got to the giraffes (our first stop) I got pooped on by a stork in a tree!  Luckily it wasn’t too much, but ew!


Here’s Svara feeding a piece of grass to the barking deer.


and petting the miniature horse in the children’s zoo.


And finally, a nice picture of Svara and Naren at the entrance.



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