Out of Order

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That’s what our household is lately.  Out of order!  Our landlord is having repairs and renovations done for us.  So our house has been pretty chaotic for more than week already.  Today was the worst, as they took out two doors and doorframes and put in one new door and turned the other into a window.  LOTS and LOTS of dust today!!!

Svara has been a good trooper, all things considered!  Today really was crazy, though.  I spent some time with her on the computer, until she got bored of that.  Then we spent quite awhile in the bathroom playing with water.  At that point the house was so messy we really could only stay in one room.  So Svara got to do something she’s never done before – watch a movie!  We watched Nemo.  She watched it on and off and enjoyed seeing the fish and turtles.  It did help pass the late afternoon while the workers finished up the day’s work and Naren was able to vacuum and  mop our bedroom to make it sleepable.  Tomorrow is another big workday, but hopefully not as much dust!!

So one reason I haven’t blogged much lately is because of all the fixing up in the house, and the other is that for a week and a half we didn’t have a modem!  Ours broke and it took us awhile to have enough time to go get a new one.  So it’s up and I’m back.  I did miss being on the computer somewhat, but not as much as I thought.  Partly because my carpal tunnel syndrome was acting up anyway so I figured it was a good time for a break from the computer!  And I always enjoy just having time to relax and read!

I haven’t been taking too many pictures lately.  With all this chaos I don’t even know where the camera is anymore!  But here are a few from the past two or three weeks:

Svara loves to go “upside down”!


Here she is helping in the kitchen, as usual!  Here she is stirring up some refried beans.  Notice she is using an icecream scoop to stir.  That is her current favorite “big spoon”


A couple weekends ago the Regional Baha’i Conference was held here in Kuala Lumpur.  On the first day we all went together.  Turns out I didn’t get to hear much of the conference, as my attention was all on Svara, but it was still great to be there and see people.  We were there for about four hours.  Svara had a blast!  Here she is in the children’s room playing with my shoes.


Svara loves her “small baby”!  It now goes with her everywhere.  This week she wanted to bring her toy stroller to the mall, so we let her push her toy stroller while we pushed the big stroller with the shopping bags.  That will never happen again!  She had a blast, but it was NOT fun for me trying to direct her and keep her from running into people with the stroller.


Sometimes Svara wants to help me “stir’ in the kitchen, but there is nothing for her to stir.  So I give her a bowl with a couple tablespoons of oats.  This day she took out one “big spoon” after another until she had them all out on the table!


Svara has her own kitchen!  Here she was exploring it as we were putting it together


And here she is eating up some “noodles” that she cooked.  We are rearranging things in our house so that Svara has a nice play area upstairs.  I was disappointed in the toy kitchens available here in Malaysia.  There are not many.  And the good quality ones are super de duper expensive!  Ultimately I’d LOVE to have a wooden toy kitchen for Svara, but I think we’ll wait until we move back to the US to buy her one.  This one will do for now, though in many ways I was disappointed in it.  But Svara likes it, and that’s what really matters, right?


Svara’s first time eating the corn off of the cob.  She took over my cob and ended up eating almost all of it!


Silly Svara!  She likes to put her swimming vest on and do the clips.  Then make me undo the clips.  Then she does them again.  Repeat, repeat, repeat!  Hey, whatever keeps her busy!  Notice she is holding two cups.  One with juice (little bit of juice mixed with lots of water) and one with soymilk.  She always wants both at once and takes turns drinking them.



2 thoughts on “Out of Order

  1. I bet it is hard to entertain a toddler with so much work going on in the house. Glad your landlord is fixing up your place, though.
    I continue to try corn with Little Elvis, but he refuses. I just know he would love it, but he will not even consider trying it. Glad to see Svara likes it.

  2. Great photos! Are you guys planning to move back to the US? Cornmeal is another fun one to play with in the kitchen too. We have our regional conference in Vancouver this weekend. I’m going in the mornings with fiona and chris is going in the afternoons.

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