Mind Map


Svara carries a map in her head!  She is so good at remembering directions, it’s pretty crazy!  If we go out of our house to take a walk she can direct you down the right streets to get to the playground.

Yesterday she again showed us this power of hers.  We were in the mall (a HUGE mall) and Naren wanted to get a pretzel from Aunt Annie’s.  So we went to the stall.  Our little smarty girl remembered that the place she gets icecream (it’s non dairy icecream at the organic shop) also has an Aunt Annie’s stand by it.  She recongized the sign and started asking for icecream.  So we went towards the new wing.  Svara directed Naren exactly to the shop, into the shop, where the icecream machine is, saying “icecream! icecream!” all the way.

What a good memory she has!


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