Little Mermaid


As you probably know, Svara LOVES swimming.  Playing in the water is her all time favorite activity.  There is a club near us which we belong to that has a nice pool, so we are fortunate enough to be able to take Svara swimming whenever we feel like it.  Of course since it is so hot here we only go in the evenings.  So yesterday we decided to take Svara swimming again.  We didn’t tell her, but she saw me coming downstairs with the swimming stuff in my arms to put in the bag and she put her hands up to her face and said “WOW!!!” and was shaking her arms she was so excited.  Here are a few shots:


Notice she is swimming by herself now!  With the use of the swimming vest now.  Within a few times of wearing this swimming vest she was confident enough to start swimming around by herself without hanging onto one of us (though of course we still stay nearby!).  This swimming vest is so much better than arm bands.


Swimming to Mama!


Here is one of her favorite tricks, to put her feet up on the edge of the pool:


She is really experimenting with moving her body around in the water, it’s so cute to see her learn.



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